First of all, special thanks go to Bernd Heller, medical doctor practicing in Germany. It was him who gave our project its name Res Medicinae.
A big thank you goes also to Mrs. Trebing from the city of Meiningen in Germany. Being a pensioner, she teaches Latin language in an evening course at the Herder-Gymnasium school in the city of Suhl. She translated some ideas and checked them for correctness.
Sincere thanks to all supporters, if people, institutions or companies, if your help is material or ideational!
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Support us financially and by providing computers etc.
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Provide us with their knowledge.
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Gave us the C sources/ libraries of their former medical system for free.
Urban & Fischer
Urban & Fischer Separation Line
Urban & Fischer Verlag fuer Medizin
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Provided anatomical images of the human body, to be used in a module for topological documentation.