Administrators <>
Christian Heller Design, Development, Organization
Jens Bohl Development
Karsten Hilbert Analysis, Domain Expertise, GNUmed representative for Germany
Torsten Kunze Development
Analysts and Domain Experts <> or <>
Bernd Heller some hints
J. Fischer useful tips
Joerg M. Sigle detailed analysis
Juergen Saucke useful tips
Karsten Hilbert Maintainer of the Analysis Document, detailed analysis
P. Hahn numerous contributions
Roland Colberg numerous contributions
Winfried Behrendt useful tips
Artists <>
Sebastian Hilbert created Dr. Tux - our current logo, Web master of the OpenMedPortal, does Opinion Polls
Bug Reporters <>
Developers <>
Christian Heller CYBOP Framework, ResMedPortal Module, Sample Modules
Dirk Behrendt Restore Module, Backup
Henrik Brandes IzPack Installer, ANT files, Shell scripts
Jens Bohl CYBOP Presentation Layer, Record Module, Topological Documentation
Jens Kleinschmidt ReVision Module, Image Processing
Kumanan Kanagasabapathi ResAdmin, Address Management
Michael Simon IzPack Installer, ANT files, Shell scripts
Rolf Holzmueller ResData Module, Administration and Scheduling over Web
Torsten Kunze CYBOP Communication Layer, ReForm Module, Form Printing
Document writers <>
Claudia Neumann Maintain German Document on how to use the APW medical application in DOSemu under Linux
Karsten Hilbert Maintain Analysis Document and provide it in various formats (SGML/XML, HTML, PDF)
Friendly projects <>
Alexander Caldwell Project founder of Tk_familypractice, practicing family doctor at the Tulare District Hospital, Tulare, California, U.S.A., would like to help providing us with medical knowledge, develops in Tcl/TK and Python using Glade
Bud P. Bruegger Working on the LABinfo project (a veterinary lab information system) for the International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna)
David W. Forslund Project founder of, OMG representative (Healthcare DTF / CORBAmed)
Franklin M. Valier Project administrator of
Horst Herb Project founder of
Joseph Dal Molin Working on the LABinfo project (a veterinary lab information system) for the International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna)
Thomas Beale Project founder of
Tim Cook Project founder of FreePM
Interested people and Potential developers <>
Andrew Arch Developer, Nurse, formerly working on the Littlefish Health Project, doing Delphi GUI forms, knows Delphi, Visual Basic, MTS and Java, interested in C#, is not able to commit to assisting with our project at this stage, but may be in a position to in a few months time
Carsten Binnig Developer, does UIML rendering for graphical user interfaces
Chris Fraser Developer, formerly working on the Littlefish Health Project, being the administrator, might help out doing some web design and screenshots, possibly starting from autumn 2002
Chris Ross Developer, interested in helping out, but runs only KDE and would want to make a KDE app, using KDevelop etc.
Felix Mic Physician, very interested in our project, would like to do translation, will definitely get involved once he has improved his skills, has some knowledge about MySQL and PostgreSQL
Harry Brown Company representative, in medical information systems "business" for over 10 years, developed gui for dBASE information gathering/reporting systems, that are in use today at several clinics & a medium sized hospital in new york state u.s., would be interested in collaboration to develop state of art multimedia information system
Ignacio Sere very interested in Information in Medicine, looking for "real life" jobs outside Belgium, but if we think he can help, just let him know
Johannes Vieweg Wanted to help out in various matters
John S. Gage provides links
Jonathan Neufeld would be glad to burn CDs of the project, has got some time and the equipment, it would also be an opportunity for him to get more familiar with the projects in the group, send files to him and he'll put them on CDs and send them off to whoever wants the compilation
Markus Blumrich Java Middleware Programmer with experience in JSP / EJB / JDBC / RMI, VERY interested in participating in the project
Patrick Dankirk thinks the project sounds interesting, asked for financial support, is afraid he can't work for free
Torsten Hothorn Knows the R language and GNU in detail. Works on statistics and image processing and would like to help out on occuring problems in this area.
Umesh S. would like to work on this project, Java developer (Applet, JSP, JDBC, Javabeans, EJB, MySQL etc.), would like to contribute for open community
Werner Keil Senior Developer, has experience with GUIs (Swing etc.), Reporting, Servlets/JSP and other J2EE things, could create some GUI specific things, Beans, a setup routine and more, his wife is a native English speaker and could do some translation
William R. Gilchrist knowledgeable source - "Subject Matter Expert (SME)", background in hospitals is in administration, finance and information technology, NMIMC Contractor, have a number of Linux advocates at Impact, but most of their revenue is generated on Windows and other Unix (HP-UX, Solaris, AIX) based configurations
Sponsors <>
Adebahr Systemtechnik Provided source files of a practice management program written in C
Technische Universitaet Ilmenau Provide us with their knowledge
Tux Tax Provided computers, carry web site costs
Urban & Fischer Verlag Provided anatomical images of their Sobotta: Atlas der Anatomie
Supporters <>
Alvin B. Marcelo Encouraged us to do our own implementation
Blasius Lofi Dewanto Links
Harald Krake Provided source files of a practice management program written in C, wants no commercial use (of course!), written in K&R C based on the Artlib library written by him 20 years ago, would eventually like to see a transformation into ANSI C
Heiner Biedermann Provided source files of a practice management program written in C
Hermann Duerkop
(Nabla Systemberatung GmbH)
Provided source files of a practice management program written in C
Klaus Schuetz Representative of the DLR (Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.), manages EU funding for software projects
Nicolas Pettiaux IT professional who works at a large public hospital in Belgium, has some experience with EU sponsored projects
Peter Adebahr Provided source files of a practice management program written in C
Ralf Huelsmann doing support for about 550 doctors offices, strongly interested in our project
Regina Becker DLR - Projekttraeger Gesundheitsforschung, Ansprechpartner fuer den Bereich Medizinische Telematik fuer das BMBF
Rolf Engelbrecht GSF-MEDIS Institute
Yves Paindaveine representative of the EU
Translators <>
Webmasters <>
Christian Heller Current web site maintainer
Saddia Malik Developer Gallery page