Requirements Analysis

Our analysis document for medical software seems to be the most comprising among those which are freely available. We have put the document under the GNU Free Documentation License (FDL) so that anybody can download, read, extend and distribute it, as long as the applied license remains untouched.

The document is the result of many discussions in our mailing lists, especially the list with currently about 100 readers -- medical doctors, software developers and students. Within only 12 months they have put together a surprisingly complete requirements document.

Work has not been finished, if it will ever finish. Analysing the problem domain of healthcare is a big effort. If you are or want to become a user of medical software or have an interest in this area and want to contribute your ideas, just contact our international, English-speaking list, the German-speaking list or the current maintainer.

One of the most urgent tasks at the moment is the translation German into English. This is especially needed to win the collaboration of more international people. If you feel you might be able to contribute some part, please contact us!

Document Description
analysis.txt English, very incomplete
analysis-de.html Deutsch, aufgeteilt zum Browsen
analysis-de.htm Deutsch, eine grosze Datei zum Download
analysis-de.pdf Deutsch, Portable Document Format (PDF) Deutsch, Postscript (PS)
analysis-de.rtf Deutsch, Rich Text Format (RTF)

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