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The Littlefish Health Project     an OSHCA member
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Littlefish Project Development Plans
1.Project Plan
2.Project Tracking
3.Technical work products
4.Project Deliverables

Free Downloads
1. The Latest Littlefish Prototype LF: 014a (563KB) Release date:
April 1st 2000
NB The prototype is  Written in Delphi to   run on  Windows and Linux using Wine.
Littlefish needs a
volunteer programmer to further develop the software if you are interested please let us know.

2. Clinical Calculator
Calc (682KB)

3. Decision Support Prototype

JM:001 (793 KB)

4. Screenshots of Prototype LF 013

Screen shots of CPRS-Vista


How to help
1.Testing the prototypes

2.Various tasks  

3.List of current contributors

4.Current Task List

5 Feedback  feel free to comment on any aspect of the project here.

How to join the Project
Subscribe to the Mailing Lists You can contribute as much or as little as suits you. You are also welcome to lurk away to your hearts content:)

News & Articles
Littlefish Papers
Littlefish FAQ's

Nursing Informatics

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Good Electronic Health Record

Open Source

General Practice Computer Systems Consultancy papers 1997 Consultancy

Project Vision:
"To create a user friendly patient information and recall system on an open source basis with the focus on use by  community based primary health care health organisations in the developing world or remote and rural areas or areas of  need. The project will follow the GEHR or Good Electronic Health Record standards. The Littlefish Software will be available under the most appropriate Open Source Licence and the source code will be freely available on the internet for users to review,copy,distribute, modify in any way they see fit ."    

The Littlefish Proposal 
you can start from here

I would rather err on the side of too much planning at this stage of the project rather than too little. Individuals who are interested in writing or advising on any of these sections are most welcome.As the project planning sections  come on line they will be hyperlinked for your review and suggestions. We welcome  people who would like to make a "first cut" on   any section.

Update on the Littlefish Health Project

Melbourne Australia 20 April 2002

Eric Raymond states in the Cathedral and the Bazaar: "When you lose interest in a program, your last duty to it is to hand it off to a competent successor."

Well,I haven't lost interest but due to pressing personal family issues, it is time to pass the project on to a competent successor. It is therefore with great pleasure that I can officially announce that Mr. Christian Heller has agreed to take over  the Littlefish Health Project and amalgamate the work into the ResMedicinae Project

I hope the specifications and requirements of the Littlefish Project and the work carried out by so many people over the years will assist other open source projects in developing useful health software that provides for better health care delivery to all parts of the globe

The LittleFish Project materials will soon be transferred to

After a well earned sabbatical (and once the football and World Cup is out of the way) I will have time to   assist Resmedicnae in attaining our shared ideals


Chris Fraser
April 20th 2002

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