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2013-09-22 Release Res Medicinae 0.4.0.
2009-02-06 Release Res Medicinae 0.3.0.
2009-01-10 Update and modernise website.
2006-10-21 As last year, we will be present at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, which this time takes place in Cologne, from the 14th to the 16th of November 2006. Download our Guest Ticket for free entrance to the conference!
2006-09-24 Claudia Neumann has updated the APW Linux installation guide.
2006-09-09 Released Res Medicinae 0.2.0, now in daily use at a doctor's office. It provides a Textual User Interface (TUI) menu offering a number of external programs like DOSemu or shell scripts, that can be invoked.
2005-11-01 It seems to become a good tradition that Claudia Neumann provides a new Kanotix CDROM containing Linux + DOSemu + APW Software, just at the time the MEDICA fair in Duesseldorf is taking place.
2005-10-04 We will be present at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in Frankfurt/Main, on the 15th and 16th of November 2005. Thanks to our sponsor APW Wiegand, we can provide a Guest Ticket to everybody for free entrance to the conference! Watch our poster!
2005-08-29 Released Res Medicinae, with minimal Textual User Interface (TUI).
2005-06-30 Released Res Medicinae, consisting of just one module called ResAdmin, with minimal web interface. It is programmed in CYBOL, an XML-based language.
2004-11-03 Claudia Neumann talks about GNU/Linux in a medical doctor's office. For details, see this Flyer!
2003-11-25 Try Linux + DOSemu + APW Software, using our new Knoppix CDROM! (Your Windows system will remain unchanged.) Thanks again to Claudia!
2003-09-18 Revised project and feature plan for CYBOP and Res Medicinae.
2003-07-04 Changed a number of links. Revised requirements analysis page.
2003-05-19 Claudia Neumann has rewritten our manual on how to use EHR applications in DOSemu under Linux.
2003-02-24 Saddia Malik has updated our Developer Gallery.
2003-02-20 Our ResMedLib framework has grown complex and since it provides a rather general architecture, we have factored it out into an own project called Cybernetics Oriented Programming.
2002-12-09 Tux Tax has contributed their German User's Guide on how to use the Health Record application AP Wiegand (APW) in DOSemu under Linux.
2002-11-08 Christian has prepared a new presentation showing his ideas named Cybernetics Oriented Programming (CYBOP). He is going to present them at the OSHCA Conference in Los Angeles, next week.
2002-10-04 Developer Release with graphical installation wizzard IzPack. Read the changelog.
2002-09-04 The German Publishing Company Urban & Fischer Verlag has given us official permittance to use the anatomical images of their Sobotta: Atlas der Anatomie.
2002-08-23 Updated UML diagrams. Unfinished work in progress! Start with org::resmedicinae::resmedlib::Ontology.
2002-08-21 New screenshots of Record, ReForm and ResData.
2002-07-23 Our project has been mentioned in Issue 41 of the Brave GNU World.
2002-06-26 Dirk Behrendt has taken over maintenance of the tutorial which he will extend during the next months. Please come back there often and give him helpful feedback to improve this documentation which is important for new developers!
2002-06-13 Internal release resmedicinae_0.0.3.0. Only for developers! See the changelog.
2002-05-07 Developer Tutorial How to create a Res Medicinae Module available. It currently describes basic concepts of the ResMedLib framework but will be extended in the future.
2002-04-27 The Littlefish Health Project gets amalgamated into Res Medicinae. Thanks to Chris Fraser and Andrew Arch, the administrators, for providing us with the Littlefish resources which will get merged into our project structure, stepwise. For now, find the resources in menu Littlefish. If YOU would like to assist, one task could be to go through this material.
2002-04-14 Updated Presentation on the Res Medicinae Architecture.
2002-04-11 Updated Presentation on the Res Medicinae Project.
2002-03-03 Our German Analysis Document is now available in SGML, HTML, PS and PDF format. Please contact Karsten who has worked hard to transform the document, to contribute your ideas. By the way, we are still looking for a maintainer of the English version ...
2002-01-28 Developer release resmedicinae_0.0.2.0 to get more input/ feedback from interested developers and users.
2002-01-09 Johannes Vieweg has provided a PDF version of our Design Document. Thanks, Johannes.
2001-12-25 Created new presentation describing the system architecture.
2001-12-21 Updated our Design Document which is now available in a quite comprehensive version.
2001-11-25 The development of the first child application (module) "Record" has started.
2001-10-22 Added first screenshots to homepage.
2001-09-29 Changed structure of project directories and homepage to avoid redundancies with various documents.
2001-06-29 Our first minor prototype release is published. It is basically intended to give the users a first impression of how the user interface might look like.
2001-06-27 An import script is published that can read patient data from the German TurboMed medical application.
2001-06-11 A first version of our Analysis Paper was contributed by Karsten today.
2001-04-06 Willkommen allen deutschsprachigen Interessierten!
We have created the mailing list
It is intended to polarize the strengths of all interested developers, medical doctors, managers willing to exchange their opinions on and support Open Source in German Health Care. Articles should be posted in German language as we also want to reach non-English-speaking people.
Please register at
2001-02-07 Today, the members of "Res Medicinae" agreed upon joining their efforts with the "OpenEMed" developers. Both projects were following quite similar aims in that they want to develop many CORBAmed modules, mainly using Java, to create a prototype useable in practice within one to two years (2002/2003).
Also, the GEHR kernel as another standard will possibly be implemented. Another aim is to strongly work together with related projects such as OIO/ FreePM/ LittleFish and Tkfp who want to provide CORBAmed interfaces as well.
Please check for further details!
2001-01-25 Interested people who would like to contribute to the project, can sign our mailing list to be always up to date.
It is easy! Just use the following link:
2000-12-21 OSDEM -- The first Open Source and Free Developers' European Meeting featuring Fyodor, Jeremy Allison, Richard Stallman, Kevin Lawton, Phil Thomson, Rasmus Lerdorf and a lot of other programmers (David Faure for KDE). It will take place in Brussels saturday the 3rd and sunday the 4th of february 2001 and is organised in collaboration with VA which is actively supporting the event.
2000-11-25 Today, Christian published a presentation he prepared to win the collaboration of his University.
2000-11 Preparing application to gain EU funds supporting the Open Source Development of a Medical Information System. To participate, contact Nicolas Pettiaux! Any people and institutions such as Universities, Hospitals etc. willing to help are welcome. You can also ask Karsten, our medical student and "organisator" in Public Relations. The next deadline is January 2001!
2000-10 Tried to synchronize and integrate with other projects.
2000-09 Announced project in several news groups.
Contacted many people willing to support the project.
2000-05 - 2000-08 Investigated on existing projects.
2000-04-15 Completed first version of Homepage.
2000-04-04 Given the project good management by help of Source Forge.
2000-03-14 Set up wish list for components to develop.
Determined first problems to solve.
2000-03-05 Designed Homepage for project.